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This morning was spent typing in the same information into a variety of websites. It’s a great way to let people know about a book promotion but it is time consuming.

Today is definitely about promotions and marketing as I am now facing the challenge of getting to know Google Plus for the first time. If you would like to join me on G+ and help me out, I’m here.

Arnon Grunberg Is Writing While Connected to Electrodes


Jennifer Schuessler on Dutch novelist Arnon Grunberg, who is writing his latest book with electrodes strapped to his head:

Mr. Grunberg, who estimated that he would take another five months to finish the book, said the sensors have interfered less with his creative process than he feared, but he did allow that the experiment itself might end up figuring in the book, which he said will address issues of privacy and cybersecurity.

And he admitted to sometimes staring up at the cameras after the technician had left, wondering if they were really off.

“I find myself having all these fantasies,” he said, “like that I was part of an experiment supposedly looking at my brain while I was writing, but the real point was something else entirely.”

This sounds like a Charlie Kaufman film waiting to happen (who, by the way, hasn’t written a film in five years).

I think it will be fascinating to see the results of this experiment. How much of the brain is active while writing? Does it look different when struggling with writer’s block? Does it change over the course of a writing session and indeed over the course of writing the whole book?

I don’t know if I would have been able to do concentrate with all of the paraphernalia around me.

Website change

After a month of problems, I’ve had to move my website. You can now find me and my books at It’s not an ego thing, honest. It makes more sense now that The Reluctant Detective isn’t my only detective series. Pop over and have a look but be warned if you’re still stuck on an ancient browser you may have problems.

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